Race schedule for Fall Twenty-Fourteen:

Schedule was assembled and voted on at the meeting, if you weren’t there then you missed out. Here is what everyone agreed on:

Race 1 Sept. 28th ACP main track Sunday Race

Race 2 Oct. 4th MC in Tucson 2 day AMX race -however,we are racing Saturday only

Race 3 Oct. 12th ML Sunday race

Race 4 Nov. 9th ET Sunday race

Race 5 Nov.23rd ACP Main track Sunday race

Race 6 Nov. 30th Canyon Sunday race

Race 7 Dec. 13th ACP vet track Saturday race

No race minimum to qualify and your best 5 scores count….after that we flip coins, arm wrestle and have wheelie contests

* There was 2 races on Oct. 18th/19th…however that is the SoCal Int’l so we don’t race on their race date per Int’l race agreements.

For some reason all the tracks decided to race Sundays….don’t blame the club!